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Who We Are

GVB Medical is registered with the FDA to produce and distribute medical devices. GVB is proud to offer affordable Personal Protective Equipment in an effort to support American workers in need.

GVB Medical's strong relationships with several of China's leading pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers and its robust global supply allows it to quickly and easily import from Asia.

Our Story
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What We Do

GVB's long-standing relationships with trusted suppliers who now have significant respirator manufacturing capabilities and inventories but lack a domestic market has uniquely positioned GVB to utilize its robust global supply chain to import KN-95 respirators from highly reputable FDA-registered manufacturers in China at a time when our county badly needs them.

Commitment to Quality

GVB has a robust QC group with operations in both the US and China supported by an exceptional QMS and strong culture of quality. GVB is a well-established compliance-focused business with manufacturing facilities in Las Vegas and Oregon as well as sales offices in Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago. GVB's QC group is lead by pharmaceutical industry veterans, including a QC Manager who held senior positions in Teva Pharmaceuticals' medical device group.

Hand Sanitizer

GVB Medical has the manufacturing capacity to produce 1M bottles of hand sanitizer per day. Our Isopropyl and Ethanol formulations have both been approved by the World Health Organization. We offer 2,4,8 and 16oz bottles, and custom label applications are available for larger orders.  

Divisions & Extensions

From Nevada to Latin America to Europe—A Global Presence




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GVB Latin America

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GVB Distribution

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Consumer Brands

KN95 Masks

Many of GVB's FDA-registered suppliers were requisitioned by the Chinese government to produce respirators at the outset of the COVID-19 crisis in China. As the COVID-19 crisis has come under control in China, the demand for respirators has been drastically reduced. Concurrently, the COVID-19 crisis has become significantly more acute in the United States.

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