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Commitment to Superlative Quality & Compliance

GVB carries all requisite local, state, and federal licensing, and operates facilities that are in full compliance with all applicable regulations.

Quality Control / Assurance

Although GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliance is not required by the FDA for hemp processors, GVB has proactively implemented the structural and documentation elements required for full GMP compliance. We expect third-party audited verification in late 2019 or early 2020.

OSHA Compliance

GVB has adhered to OSHA’s strict workplace health and safety guidelines since inception and has passed multiple OSHA inspections. GVB and our operating facilities are also in full compliance with NFPA 70.

Food Grade Certification

GVB was one of the first hemp processors in Oregon to receive food grade certification from the Oregon Department of Agriculture, which acts with the full authority of the USDA in Oregon. GVB strictly adheres to food grade manufacturing practices, ensuring that all products are produced in a manner consistent with food products.

Fire Safety Compliance

GVB has worked closely with our state fire marshals to ensure full compliance with all applicable fire safety regulations, and we have passed multiple state fire marshall inspections. We also periodically commission a haz-mat team to inspect the building and ensure that it is free from flammable chemical vapors.

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